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Who are we?


We are a unique organisation offering short breaks in which you can learn while in beautiful settings.  Our courses cover a range of topics from History and what this really tells us about our past to courses on Health and well-being.   Take a look at our upcoming courses and get in touch with us about those that interest you.   This year, in 2020, our exciting courses include:

June - study tour to Malta with an exciting overview of history from prehistoric to Renaissance times. Also time for walking and relaxing.


July, August and September - courses on health and well-being in Devon (cookery demonstrations included)

December - 'Questioning History' event, a repeat of our successful event in 2019


Meet like-minded people

There is an important social aspect to 'Learning Holidays' events. We present new and exciting information and so tend to attract people who thirst for new knowledge. This facilitates encounters with like-minded individuals.

Gaining knowledge and insights while holidaying

Instead of holidaying on a beach and imbibing information from a guide book, you can mingle with like-minded people and discuss important topics in pleasant locations. You can also gain life-changing skills.

Gifts and presents 

Books, DVDs and articles by speakers will be available and can be autographed by authors.

Booking is easy

Just search the details of individual events and see our low-cost Early Bird rates. If you have any questions, simply drop us a line at gloriamoss@protonmail.com or call/text us on 0777 1535 087. 

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