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Mark Devlin, whose books ‘Musical Truth’ Volumes 1 and 2 document the dark side of the music industry, will present two talks.


The first will focus on the BBC and what we really know about this institution. The second will focus on the Flower power and Hippie movement of the 1960s and the extent to which this may have been influenced by the intelligence estblishment in the US.

Gerry Docherty


A graduate of Edinburgh University, Gerry taught Economics and Modern Studies, becoming a Head teacher. He is also the author of several historical plays with his most recent, the Lie of the Land, telling the story of two cousins from the same small village in Scotland who won the Victoria Cross at the Battle of Loos in 1915. A chance meeting with medic Jim Macgregor, raised in the grounds of Erskine Hospital for the was disabled, led to a rich research collaboration resulting in their book ‘Hidden History’ the secret origins of the First World War’ (2013).


He will be offering two talks, one regarding the Balfour declaration and the other the way that propaganda was used in and following the first world war, allowing this Great and bloody war to be prolonged. 

Professor Gloria Moss

The starting point for her research has been anomalies in official accounts of history.  She presents on the Asclepian temples of Ancient Greece, named after the Greek God of medicine, Asclepius.  She explores the nature of the special 'incubation sleep' and cures that people experienced at temples throughout ancient Greece and asks how these cures could really have been attained.


Andrew Gough


IAndrew Gough is a prolific contributor to history shows, such as Forbidden History, NASA’s Unexplained Mysteries, What on Earth, Mysteries of the Abandoned, and many others.  He has published over 40 articles on his website and is the Editor in Chief of The Heretic Magazine.

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